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Making your home & business
beautiful is our specialty!

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Brothers ProClean Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the roof and gutters of a home or business takes skill, grit, and expertise. Brothers ProClean is proud to combine all three.

We are the area's leading local roof and gutter cleaning company. With years of experience, we've developed a strong reputation as a stellar service provider, delivering top-quality service at a highly affordable price, no matter the size or scale of your job.

A Soft Wash Approach To Roof Cleaning: Why it's Different & Why it Matters

At Brothers ProClean we believe in a low pressure 'soft wash' approach to roof cleaning. This process is essential if you want to lock in the quality of your shingles and maintain the integrity and lifespan of your roof. We do not use a high-pressure washer on most types of roofs (there are a few exceptions) because high pressure water can be very damaging to many types of roofs and void the warranty.

We use a cleaning solution that is safe to the enviornment that not only cleans your roof but kills off the moss and other organisms feeding on your roof. Besides an ugly appearance and causing stains, these organisms can damage your roof, shortening it's life. Our earth-friendly cleaners are biodegradable so you can rest assured that you're getting a service that is safe for their landscaping, pets, and family.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction: Our Promise

Our service technician team is professional, dependable and will give your job the attention to detail it deserves.

They are courteous and respectful and will treat your property with the utmost care and concern.

Our crews are thorough in their efforts from start to finish and are happy to do a walk through with you, if you are available, before they leave to ensure your expectations have been met. If anything is not to your satisfaction, from the job to the clean up, we will make it right. It's just one of the ways we show our customers that we care.

And because we care, we are happy to offer you a customer satisfaction guarantee. If, by some oversight we fail to meet every one of your expectations, then we want to fix that. Let us know, and we'll do everything we can to resolve the issue and make sure we leave you satisfied with our services. Now that's how you know you have a company you can trust.

No Moss Guarantee

If you choose one of our roof cleaning packages that includes a moss treatment service and application of moss prevention, we will guarantee that your roof will have no moss for at least three years! If any new moss appears, give us a call and we'll be out to zap it!

Roof Maintenance Program

Living in the Northwest means your roof and gutters needs to be maintained regularly. Don't neglect your these essential areas until they needs more expensive attention. Brothers ProClean offers a roof and gutter maintenance program where we will clean these areas on a regular basis to keep them looking good and in tip top shape in order to protect your home year round as they are designed to do.

Depending on our roof's needs, we will come annually or semi-annually to clean your gutters, blow and sweep debris off your roof and apply a moss/algae prevention treatment.

We offer an ongoing NO MOSS guarantee if you are on our maintenance program.

Roof & Gutter Cleaning Packages

Brothers ProClean Cleaning Packages

Description of Services

A. Roof Sweep / Blow Off

  • - Remove loose debris (leaves, needles, branches, etc.) from roof, sweep and blow roof off, clean up material that falls on ground

B. Gutter Downspout Cleaning/Repairs

  • - Remove debris from inside of gutters, clean dirt & grime from exterior, clear downspouts - Inspect gutters for leaks, make minor repairs. If multiple repairs are needed, we will discuss repair options. If you have gutter guards, the top of the gutters will be cleaned off.

C. Roof Clean Soft-Wash with Moss Kill/Abatement

  • - Liquid roof cleaning and moss killing treatment brightens & cleans roof of stains & dirt, kills moss, algae & lichens in minutes - makes roof look years younger and extends the life of your roof (some of the dead moss will remain on roof but will wither and crumble over time and with rain & wind).

D. Manual removal of dead moss after roof cleaning

  • - Large pieces of moss may dislodge with the brush and blow of the roof (service A). The moss that remains is killed with the roof cleaning solution within minutes of being applied (service D). Though, it may take a few weeks for the moss roots to break and allow the moss to easily break free from the roof. If you don't like the look of the remaining dead moss taking it's time to crumble and fall off with wind and rain, we will return to remove dead moss that can break free from sweeping and/or blowing so you don't have to continue to look at it!

E. Moss Prevention Treatment

  • - Moss Prevention Treatment - Moss treatment that will kill light patches of moss over a period of days to weeks and prevent moss growth for up to 3 years - Though, if you have a lot of trees near your roof, shade, heavy moss growth, we recommend having the moss prevention treatment annually.

    We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our services, packages and prices.

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